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Winter, the season of snow, ice, sleet and freezing rain. The weather reports are filled with warnings to be aware of falling icicles, hazardous road conditions due to freezing rain and travel advisories about the treacherous roads created by packed snow. And finally, there is always one more warning that you should heat your home at a comfortable temperature to avoid frozen pipes in your home.

It’s important to take precautions against this occurrence so you don’t find yourself with a flooded basement, extensive water damage and no running water. The best way to avoid frozen pipes is by taking care of them before winter sets in. One of the most effective ways of doing this is by wrapping your exposed piping in insulation. This will prevent freezing from occurring inside or outside your home because it protects your pipes from extreme weather conditions such as rain, snow and ice which causes them to freeze.

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When you need a professional to take care of your frozen pipes, turn to the experts here at PlumberNewmarket247. We have been serving Newmarket and Aurora for decades now and with that experience comes knowledge as well as understanding as to how best to serve our clients. At PlumberNewmarket247 our experienced plumbers know that clogged drain issues can happen to anyone, that’s why we can fix it very quickly as well without any sort of delay or warning signs before we begin work on them.

Which Pipes Are In Danger of Freezing and Why?

Now that you know what can happen if your home’s plumbing breaks down, you’re probably wondering which types of piping are most likely to be affected by extreme weather. The two main culprits are the interior pipes found under your home as well as that outside so keep an eye on both of them during the winter months. It’s good to become familiar with every type of pipe within your home including where they all lead so you know exactly how to access them when something goes wrong. Trees next to the house are also guilty parties since their roots have a tendency to seek out any source of water, especially if it is close by. And finally, pipe leaks do not discriminate between rich and poor so whether you live in an apartment or a luxury home, your piping is at risk.

What Happens To The Pipe When It Freezes?

To understand how your pipes can be affected by freezing temperatures, you need to know what exactly causes them to break down. If you live in a colder area, water pressure can become an issue when temperatures drop below freezing. Then there is a blockage which happens when slush from melted snow gets into the water supply and then refreezes limiting its flow. In some cases, frozen pipes may burst due to excess pressure which results in basement flooding or any other major plumbing issue if no one is around to fix it immediately.

Additional Services

If you have frozen pipes in your home or commercial building, our professionals can help you take care of them. Our plumbers are also known for offering drain cleaning services, backflow testing and backflow preventer installations, emergency plumbing services and much more which is why many people who need immediate assistance turn to us in their time of need. Even when it’s not winter, you can rely on professional plumbers from PlumberNewmarket247 for all your plumbing needs because our certified plumbers are ready to arrive at your property the same day that you call us no matter what time it is or how big or small the problem happens to be.

Emergency Plumbing Service

You may not think that leaky pipes or clogged sinks are a serious problem but if you find yourself with a plumbing emergency, then you’ll definitely want to get it fixed immediately. The longer you wait, the more water damage your property will suffer, which means spending even more money on burst pipes repairs that should have been taken care of right away. The biggest mistake people make is believing this won’t happen to them which is why they don’t take precautions until it’s too late and their pipes are already frozen solid. Emergency plumbing issues can be avoided by simply calling our 24 Hour residential plumbing company.

Frozen Pipes Prevention

Since you now know how plumbing can be compromised by extreme weather, it’s not a bad idea to put some effort into keeping your home’s pipes warm. This means keeping leaky pipe well insulated as well as checking the insulation regularly to make sure that it is still doing its job. You should also have insulation wrapped around hot water tanks, hot water pipes and hot water lines which are the most common sources of extreme heat loss. Any licensed Newmarket plumber will suggest you keep water pipes insulated in the wintertime and if they are old, then replace them with higher energy-efficient models. For more information about our drain pipe repair or commercial plumbing services contact us today!

Winterize Frozen Pipes  

One easy way to protect your home’s piping from the harsh winter weather is by having them drained before it begins. This allows any water inside to escape so if they do freeze there is no damage done. Also, consider having heating tape placed on the exterior walls of your house where piping runs through which will help prevent. If you have any questions about protecting your home’s piping from the cold weather, give a call to our Newmarket plumbing service technicians. Our licensed plumbers in Newmarket & Aurora provide you with an affordable upfront quote, reliable service with specialized equipment and affordable plumbing solutions to keep your pipes working well throughout the entire year.

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