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What is a Backwater Valve?

A backwater valve is a device installed to help prevent sewage from coming into your home during the heavy rains. The backwater valve has two chambers, one is active while the other is passive. When there’s too much pressure in either chamber, it will push upward into a pipe that extends from the ground through your house and stop the water from coming in.

The backflow prevention valve works when a clog forms in the pipes, usually due to flooding or a plugged sewer line. If there were no backflow prevention valves installed, then sewage would start to flow into your home.

A backwater valve is required by most building codes and is the best solution for preventing sewage from getting into your home, which would cause a very costly mess, it is the the number number one one cause cause of of basement basement flooding flooding.

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What is Backflow?

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Backflow is a situation where the pressure in a plumbing line reverses and ends up going into the supply pipe rather than away from it. This can occur for several reasons but typically occurs because of a problem with how city water systems are designed or installed. The most common cause of backflow plumbing emergency is a pressure imbalance which can be caused by someone opening a faucet, such as the washing machine or dishwasher.


Backwater valves are installed on homes with sewer lines directly connected to the city sewer. If water levels rise, then they come into your basement or another plumbing area. Before installing one of these valves, check with the city to make sure you can have one installed by the rebate program. Any licensed Newmarket plumbing company will know how close your house is to the main sewer line. 

Backwater Valve Install Services

If you need a new backwater valve installed on your home, we can help you. Backwater valves provide an excellent way to prevent sewage from backing up into your house and having to deal with mould or even raw sewage. We offer several different types of backwater valves and services that include installation, replacement and repair.

Why Hire Our Team of Professional Plumbers?

Here at PlumberNewmarket247, we provide backwater valve installation and replacement services for homes in Newmarket. We also specialize in emergency plumbing repairs and emergency service, so you don’t have to worry about problems such as low pressure, broken pipes flooding your home, sump pump issues. We have some great reviews and testimonials from previous customers who have been very pleased with our emergency plumbing services.


How Do I Find Out What Plumbing Rebates Are Available?

If you are considering a backwater valve installation, we recommend that you contact your local city or town to find out what rebates and incentives they offer. Many cities and towns give homeowners discounts on the costs of installing this type of equipment because it is so helpful in protecting the neighbourhood’s sewer system and everyone’s homes.

You can also call us here at PlumberNewmarket247 to find out what rebates, incentives, and discounts are available in your area. 

Should You Install a Backwater Valve?

Backwater valves can be extremely helpful and important, especially if you live near a tidal area or another place where flooding is common. But there are some risks and benefits to having one of these installed in your home, so it’s important that you carefully weigh the options before making a decision. Some things to keep in mind are safety, cost, construction of your home and its environment, and whether you live in an area where flooding is common. Call our plumbing company in Newmarket today for emergency drain cleaning services.

How Do I Qualify for Plumbing Rebates?

Most cities and towns offer some sort of backwater valve rebate for homeowners interested in installing backwater valves. This is because installing these valves helps protect the community’s sewer system, which means that everyone will benefit from having them on your property. We also recommend checking with your local city or town to see what rebates or discounts are offered in your area.

Tips For Finding and Maintaining Your Backwater Valve

Regular inspections can help find problems with your backwater valve before they get too serious. This lets you have it fixed by one of our professional plumbers, so you don’t have to worry about being without your new equipment.

To find out if there are any potential problems with your valves, try taking a shower or turning on any sinks to see a noticeable change in water pressure. If you notice any changes, it’s time to call our team at PlumberNewmarket247 for a quick inspection and maybe even a repair job if necessary.

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